About us

We are a group of people who support refugees and migrants in and around Cottbus. The goal of the initiative is to be the critical observer of the local asylum politics and to show solidarity with refugees looking for a perspective. Furthermore, we want to inform the public about the situation of refugees. Since 2015 we gather our knowledge and strengths to lend a voice to refugees and migrants. We want to provide resources and knowledge to enable these people to shape their life in Germany independently and autonomously.

We think of our activities as direct political action against every form of discrimination, disadvantage, institutional or every day racism. We aim at changing perspectives within society and politics to inhibit racist thinking. We want to promote appreciation for the special situation of refugees and establish a truly welcoming culture.

We are an autonomous and consensus-oriented group. There are people of different ages and with various political views as volunteers in our initiative. We try to work free of hierarchies. We welcome everybody who wants to join us permanently or for a single action.

Flucht & Migration Cottbus