Night Dance Demonstration 2016: Nocturnal against Racism

8. October 2016

Thr Night Dance Demonstration will conquer the streets of Cottbus once again during the Intercultural Week 2016! We start at 7pm at the Stadthalle.
On October 8th, we will raise our voices! The street is ours and that is why we will fill it with our own ideas, wishes and creativity. They will not take us down.
Join us! Be part of it! Dance!

Detailed information is available on the site of the great people of Cottbus Nazifrei!: (unfortunately only in German)
Page of Cottbus Nazifrei!

For Human Dignity. Against Racist Violence.| Rally in Vetschau

2. September 2016

Location: Train station
Friday, 02.09.2016
Start: 6pm

Last week refugees in Vetschau sent a letter to the public. They describe the every-day-racism in the city. Refugees have been thrown out of a supermarket without proper reasoning. Racist insults happen every day. Since April there have been at least 4 violent racist attacks. Many refugees are afraid to walk the streets of Vetschau.

The refugees further criticise there accomodation in former garages. 160 people live there at the moment. Sanitary and medical deficiencies are obvious but the local politicians don’t do anything against it. The refugees don’t want to stay in Vetschau anymore.

Refugees, supporters, the Opferperspektive and FluMiCo call for the rally in Vetschau at the train station. The refugees want to talk about their life publically. Let us remind the politicians of their responsibilities!

For Human Dignity. Against Racist Violence.

See you at the Karlstraßenfest!

11. June 2016

Of course, we will not miss the Karlstraßenfest. On June 11th we will be part of the crowd. You want to get to know us, join us or get news about the current situation in Cottbus? Come round and see us!

About us

We are a group of people who support refugees and migrants in and around Cottbus. The goal of the initiative is to be the critical observer of the local asylum politics and to show solidarity with refugees looking for a perspective. Furthermore, we want to inform the public about the situation of refugees. Since 2015 we gather our knowledge and strengths to lend a voice to refugees and migrants. We want to provide resources and knowledge to enable these people to shape their life in Germany independently and autonomously.

We think of our activities as direct political action against every form of discrimination, disadvantage, institutional or every day racism. We aim at changing perspectives within society and politics to inhibit racist thinking. We want to promote appreciation for the special situation of refugees and establish a truly welcoming culture.

We are an autonomous and consensus-oriented group. There are people of different ages and with various political views as volunteers in our initiative. We try to work free of hierarchies. We welcome everybody who wants to join us permanently or for a single action.

FluMiCo at the BTU Festival

4. June 2016 15:00bis5. June 2016 1:00

If you want to find out about the current situation of refugees in Cottbus and want to know how you can join us in action, you can meet us on Saturday at the BTU festival at the central campus of the university.

It is also a great place for refugees to get in contact with us. There will be several other groups such as “BTU hilft”, Greenpeace, the student garden GUMNO, many fun activities and sports and international food. Hope to see you there!

Cottbus Open

19. June 2016

In the end of the city festival the Puschkinpark will turn into a fabulous international fair. The motto of June 19th is “Cottbus Open!” We will not miss this great festivity and will also be part of the crowd. Summer can come, we are looking forward to it.

Friendship Overcomes Borders

Last Friday many people in the district Sachsendorf have joined an unannounced gathering against the new refugee processing point in Poznaner Straße. Originally advertised as an event to be held because of worries and fears, rascism and xenophobia became dominant quickly. The only people having fear were presumably those standing up against this illegal gathering. The situation resembled too much the one from August 1992: Over a duration of several days hundreds of neo-Nazis had attacked apartment blocks which had been used as refugee-centers. Molotov cocktails, bottles and stones have been thrown. This history must not repeated. The civil society of Cottbus is required here.
Friendship Overcomes Borders

Flucht & Migration Cottbus